Antica Trattoria La PagliaThe Trattoria La Paglia was born in 1814 by Giuseppe La Paglia. At that time the club had its headquarters in another shop that looked always on the picturesque "fish market" in Catania.

In the early years the restaurant was working almost around the clock: opened at four in the morning to meet the needs of the fishermen who came to the market after a night of hard work, and closed late in the evening.
In 1938, the year of birth of Maria, daughter of Joseph and grandson of Turi La Paglia, the business moved to 23 by street Pardo, where is located today.

The volcano Etna, in whose shadow was born and grew up, Maria La Paglia (great-grandson of the founder of the homonymous putia Catania) stole the bustling energy.

Not holding only between pots and pans, but especially regarding more than ever thoughtful reserves to all its guests, without distinction of age or social status, Maria La Paglia follows every whim of guests that sit at plain tables of the restaurant overlooking the fish Market.

Over the years, several generations of La Paglia have occurred in the management of the restaurant while maintaining the precious recipes, almost a family fortune.La Pescheria Between these delicious recipes, deserve to be mentioned at least the Sardinian warbler to Catania and pasta with sea urchin and the roe, which already in the early 50s of the last century have made ​​some of the most sought dishes and advertised by the same patrons. Dishes enhanced by the touch of the man who is perhaps the most famous of the family La Paglia: "Turi pagghia", grandfather of the current owner.

Today, in fact, in the kitchen there Unless Minium, son of Mary La Paglia and her husband Carmel. Unless he was a rugby player, he played successfully in the prestigious team Amatori Catania, but in 2007 is stripped vest to wear the apron chef. Here elaborates and enriches the menu of the restaurant, making it complex and ever new, thanks to his personal quest for culinary news in such measure, but also in response to the growing needs of customers, which is particularly varied.

Thanks to thLa Pescheriae "location" so picturesque and an excellent reputation, in fact, among the patrons over the years have eaten at Trattoria La Paglia may include political figures and show business as Luigi Einaudi, Franco Zeffirelli, Remo Girone, Lello Arena, Domenico Dolce.

Not to mention the many champions of rugby, which are home to the restaurant, by virtue of the fact that Salvo has been one of the pillars of the prestigious rugby tradition Catania, while his brother Puccio and her brother Toto Found are still talented rugby team coaches Etna.

Salvo then, after assere was a great champion of rugby manages to be, with great success, even in the cooking traditions of the city Catanese.